About Us

Lead Technology a pioneer in the provision of Broadband Internet services Started in 2018, has a legacy of over 2 years as a Service Provider in Kapasia, Gazipur. It is the First Internet Provider With fiber optic cable and BDIX connectivity in Kapasia. Lead Technology is an ISP with license , presently operating in whole Kapasia.

The company has completed Digitalisation of Video and has offered  subscribers a wholesome viewing experience by enabling LCOs (Local Cable Operators) to digitalise their subscribers, utilizing Digital services including Standard Definition and High Definition services. Lead technology has entered into Fiber era by establishing FTTH ( Fiber to The Home) technology to take video direct to home over Optical fiber avoiding all Co axial plant issues , to enhance customer experience with uninterrupted service.

 While it is anticipated that digitalization, with its proliferation will significantly increase consumer expectations, there will also be a greater demand for high speed broadband. The company is offering its consumers an unrivalled broadband experience and revolutionary consumer entertainment . Has started Broadband data offerings through  - Fiber to The Home for enhanced experience with Ultra High Speed , Massive Data.We provide exclusive offers for our home users within reasonable price .

We believe that the quality that we ensure has enabled us to stay ahead in the current competitive market.